NGO for Humanitarian & Cultural Causes in Lebanon

Lebanese Cultural Heritage Foundation

People are the stewards of heritage. By sustaining them in challenging circumstances, the effects proliferate.

To this end, our activities are currently focussed on providing immediate assistance to those most in need, following both the economic collapse and the explosion in the Port of Beirut, August 2020.

We are committed to providing resources and expertise for the restoration of historic sites, heritage buildings, and assisting with the everyday needs of those who strive to preserve Lebanon’s artistic and historic legacy.

We extend our most sincere appreciation and gratitude to the international community who have offered us support, by whatever means.

Our premises in Beirut were badly damaged by the explosion, but our archives survived in tact. We have now relocated to the safety of the historic mountain village of Aley.


The Lebanese Cultural Heritage Foundation is a non-government, non-profit organisation, officially recognised by the Lebanese Government ( # 2018/1 ).

Our aims and objectives include:

• Preserve, protect & promote Lebanese culture, heritage & history

• Revive the memory of forgotten people, places & events in Lebanon’s history

• Create a digital online archive of Lebanon’s photographic & biographic history, accessible worldwide

• Raise community awareness of the value & importance of preserving Lebanon’s cultural heritage

• Disseminate information about Lebanese cultural heritage through the organisation of workshops, conferences, seminars & exhibitions.

• Translation of Lebanese literature into other languages

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Lebanese Cultural Heritage Foundation

Social & Economic Development

Cultural heritage protection can catalyze responsible social and economic development. Thoughtfully undertaken, these efforts enhance the quality of life in local communities while preserving invaluable links to our shared human history.
Through creative collaborations and grassroots partnerships, Lebanese Cultural Heritage Foundation  initiates and supports projects that adapt cultural heritage to address contemporary needs around connecting communities, building resilience, creating opportunity, fostering innovation, and supporting sustainable travel.

Education • Science • Culture

• Our work focuses on the identification, documentation, and preservation/conservation of artifacts, buildings, monuments, engineering works, and sites that have value of historic, culture, aesthetic, scientific, or social significance (UNESCO-UIS 2009, p. 25).

Transformation through Conservation

Lebanese Cultural Heritage Foundation encourages local communities to play a pivotal role in their own economic and social development through cultural preservation of tangible and intangible heritage. Our innovative community-based planning, technology-driven conservation, and public-private partnerships approach heritage sites as invaluable stimuli to empower people, improve economic opportunities, and transform communities.

Investing in cultural heritage as a stimulus to social innovation


A vintage photographic voyage through Beirut & Lebanon 1800s-1970s. Over 150,000 photos, films & ephemera …


Lebanon’s first (and only) bi-lingual regional tourism & community website, promoting the 72 villages of the District of Aley.

More coming soon

Many more online resources are in progress … please stay tuned